1.1 Why should I choose short term rental for my property?

The income from this kind of rental is greater than the income of the traditional way of renting and the trustworthiness of the tenant will not be a concern anymore because our company and the platforms that we work with guarantee payments.


1.2 What is the legal framework of the short term rental In Greece?

-For a natural person there is a restriction of maximum two properties for short term renting. The property must be registered in the short term rental matrix and its total renting period must not exceed the period of 90 days per year if the income of the beneficial owner exceeds the limit of 12000 euro.

-For a legal person there is no restriction of maximum days or exploitable properties but the beneficial owner must acquire an E.O.T. certificate.




2.1 How can Shadingblue help me with the short term rental of my property?

We can undertake every stage from the preparation to the management of your property and your bookings:

-every necessary procedure for the optimal preparation of your property for short term renting  (renovation, furnishing, photography etc.)

-The creation of registrations in selected platforms and in our site

-The management and the optimization of the promotion of your property  for the maximization of your earnings

-The communication with the tenants, or the soon to be tenants before and after the booking

-the supervision of the necessary tasks before after and during every rental

-The repairs that may be needed

-legal and accounting support

-free E.O.T. certificate in our exclusive cooperation


2.2 What are the necessary specifications that my property should meet?

Your property should be fully furnished and equipped with a kitchen, fridge, heat, heated water, internet, TV. You should also have photographs of every space of your property (professional photographs preferably)

In the case that your property doesn’t meet some of the necessary specifications we can help you upgrade your property in very low prices


2.3 I want to collaborate with Shadingblue but I have to renovate my property first

Our company collaborates with an experienced construction company, so we can guarantee for the quality and the price of your renovation.


2.4 In which locations do you offer your services?

Regarding the digital marketing and promotion of your property there is no limitation, regarding the management we offer our services in Attica  in Aegean islands (especially in Mykonos) and in the municipality of Fthiotis but we can also undertake property management in other places  in Greece.


2.5 What happens if I already have listings for my properties in most platforms?

We can undertake the management of the listings and optimize them in order to maximize your earnings. If there are already bookings for your place we can undertake their management in discounted prices.


2.6 What happens if I want to collaborate with Shadingblue in more than one of my properties?

We can undertake the promotion and/or the management of your property in discounted prices.


2.7 How many days does Shadingblue needs to start renting my property?

We need approximately 9-10 days to create optimized registrations in the platforms and to build the strategy of its promotion.


2.8 How is the rental price modeled?

Our experienced personnel uses the most advanced data analysis methods that define the pricing of  your property  but we are more than happy to consider your suggestion in that matter.


2.9 How many passkeys will Shadingblue need?

4, one for the supervision of the property by Shadingblue, one for the cleaning service and two for the tenants.  An alternative solution for this matter would be to install password access devices at the entrance that our specialized partners can provide you in privileged prices.


2.10 What is the damage inspection and repair process?

Before and after every renting we inspect your property and we inform you with photographic content for any unwanted alteration of your property. We can also undertake the repair of the damage in privileged prices.




3.1 How can I contact Shadingblue?

You can fill the contact form that you will find in our site, or you can contact us in +30 6944474730 .


3.2 Will I be able to stay in my property?

Yes, you would have to inform us via phone or email in time though to disable the dates in our calendar (if there is no renting in due for the desired dates).


3.3 What happens if I want to cancel our collaboration?

We need a  written notice at least 70 days in advance. Regarding the  bookings that already have been made, they will be carried out even after the cancellation with our preexisting obligations and salary.